11-17 Cheshvan 5782 The Fourth Sedra FROM THE TORAH Genesis 18:1-22:24 Last week’s Sedra Lech-Lecha ended with the circumcision of Abraham and the other males of his household.  This week’s Sedra Vayera finds Abraham sitting outside of his tent and providing hospitality to three visitors, supported by his wife Sarah.  The visitation is attributed variously … Continue reading VAYERA

2. NOACH 5782

FROM THE TORAH Genesis 6:9-11:32 Last week’s Sedra Bereysheet reflects the independent spirit of Man although made by God in His own image and likeness (cf. Genesis 1:26-27; 5:1).  Ultimately the Eternal regretfully recognizes that Man, as created, inclines to do evil (Genesis 6:5).  So He determines to destroy him, and his animals, from upon … Continue reading 2. NOACH 5782